Single Sign-On with university account is available for CITI Program

We are happy to announce that the SSO (Single Sign-On) function is now available on the CITI Program, which means you can log in to the CITI Program with your university account and password, instead of creating a new account for it.

For detailed instructions on initiating the training with SSO, please refer to these slides.

For those who already have an account, you can follow this instruction to link your existing account to your university account.

Moreover, since the access method has been changed to SSO, you may need to validate your institutional email account (ended with when affiliating with HKUST(GZ). When you find the status of your affiliation, i.e., HKUST(GZ), become “Pending”, you can click on the Pending button and follow the instruction to complete the validation. For more details, you can refer to this guide.

Please be kindly reminded that the completion deadline for the CITI Program training this year is 31 December 2022.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Karen WU from the Research Department, at