Research Integrity Training (CITI Program)


  • Our university has been embracing and pursuing the highest standards of integrity.
  • To further our commitment to this fundamental value and foster trust, the university seeks to formalize our approach to equipping researchers.
  • The CITI Program RCR course has been designated for this purpose.


What is CITI Program

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) is an online program specializing in courses on responsible conduct of research, animal care and use, human subjects research, and more.

What is RCR Course

The Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Course is one of the most fundamental and integrated training courses in the CITI Program. It covers essential topics on research integrity.

The RCR course has two stages:

  • Basic: 17 modules
  • Refresher: 11 modules

Who is involved

The following faculty, staff, and student who engaged in research work are required to complete the RCR Course:

  • Faculty: Substantiation-Track Faculty, Research-Track Faculty
  • Research Staff: Research Associates, Research Assistants, Post-doctoral Fellow, and Visiting Scholar (over 1 year)
  • Student: Research Postgraduates

In addition, Hub Deans/Thrust Heads/Lab and CRF Directors/Administrative Department Heads may identify other faculties or staff engaging in research or not to take the RCR Course. Please contact RD to initiate the training.

Compliance Requirements

Faculties and staff

Prerequisites & Non-compliance Consequences

  • Completion of the RCR Course will be made a prerequisite for all researchers(PI/Co-I) engaging in research projects (including research grants and contract research) applied via HKUST(GZ).
  • The completion record will be included on the Research Project Application Approval Form(RPAAF) for research project approvals.
  • Awarded funding may be withheld/withdrawn if a researcher(s) is/are found to be noncomplying.

Completion Deadline

  • Faculties and staff should complete the RCR course within three months of assuming duty or before they engage in research, whichever is earlier.



  • All RPg students admitted in Spring 2021/22 and onwards are required to complete RCR Basic offered by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) as part of the University-level Professional Development Course (PDC), PDEV 6770 Professional Development for Research Postgraduate Students.
  • RPgs are suggested to complete the RCR Basic at the earliest possible date.
  • For further inquiries, please contact

Completion Deadline

  • RPgs are suggested to complete the RCR course in PDEV 6770 at the earliest possible date.


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