2023 National Key R&D Program - Development of Strategic Mineral Resources and Others 国家重点研发计划“战略性矿产资源开发利用”等重点专项2023年度项目
  • Call for Proposal Announcement


  • Basic information

    • Sponsor:


      Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MoST)

    • Research Areas:

      1. 战略性矿产资源开发利用 Development of Strategic Mineral Resources

      2. 大气与土壤、地下水污染综合治理 Pollution Control for Atmosphere, Soil and Groundwater

    • Project Funding:


      Please refer to the guideline

    • Project Duration:


      3-5 years

    • Internal Deadline:

      2023年6月9日 17:30

      9 Jun 2023, 17:30

    • External Deadline:

      2023年6月15日 16:00

      15 Jun 2023, 16:00

    • System opens on:

      2023年5月15日 8:00

      15 May 2023, 8:00

    • System opens on:

      15 May 2023 08

    • Internal Deadline:

      2023-06-09 17:30:00

    • External Deadline:

      2023-06-15 16:00:00

  • Synopsis of the Scheme 项目简介


    The National Key R&D Program of China is funded by the central government, with more than 70 special programs released each year. The two key programs released this time are the Development of Strategic Mineral Resources, Pollution Control for Atmosphere, Soil and Groundwater.

    Eligibility 申请资质

    1. 项目(课题)负责人须具有高级职称或博士学位

    2. 项目(课题)负责人1963年1月1日以后出生每年用于项目的工作时间不得少于6个月

    3. 青年科学家项目男性1985年1月1日以后出生,女性1983年1月1日以后出生

    4. 受聘于内地单位的外籍科学家及港、澳、台地区科学家可作为项目(课题)负责人

    5. 申报项目受理后,原则上不能更改申报单位和负责人

    6. 其他申报或限项要求请参阅项目指南

    1. The PI of the project (subject) should possess a senior professional title or a doctoral degree.

    2. The PI of the project (subject) should be born after 1 Jan 1963 and must spend at least 6 months per year on the project (subject).

    3. For the Young Scientists Program, male applicants should be born after 1 Jan 1985, and female applicants should be born after 1 Jan 1983.

    4. Foreign scientists employed by institutions in mainland China and scientists from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan can be the PI of the project (subject).

    5. In principle, the institutions and the PIs cannot be changed after the application is accepted.

    6. For other eligibility requirements, please refer to the scheme guidelines.

    Proposal Submission 申报方式


    Applicants shall submit the proposal via the National Science and Technology Information System, Public Service Platform. Applicants can contact Yanfei Wang to create an account.

    Enquiries 咨询

    王妍斐 Yanfei Wang

    T: 020-8833 8994


    Supplementary Documents 相关附件