Expert Recommendation and Expert Information Maintenance for the 2023 Guangdong Basic and Applied Basic Research Project 2023年广东省基础与应用基础研究基金项目评审专家库扩容及信息更新
  • Call for Proposal Announcement


  • Basic information

    • Sponsor:

      Guangdong Basic and Applied Basic Research Foundation


    • Internal Deadline:

      17:00, 21 April 2023


    • External Deadline:

      17:00, 28 April 2023


    • System opens on:

      15 April 2023 00

    • Internal Deadline:

      2023-04-21 17:00:00

    • External Deadline:

      2023-04-28 17:00:00

  • Synopsis 简介


    In order to improve the quality of the expert database for project review of Guangdong basic and applied basic research projects, the Guangdong Basic and Applied Basic Research Foundation has initiated the work of high-quality expert recommendation and expert information maintenance. The expert database will serve as the expert resource pool for the basic and applied basic research project review of Guangdong Province.

    Eligibility 入库资质

    1. 年龄原则上不超过70周岁(中国科学院院士、中国工程院院士可不受年龄限制);

    2. 原则上应具有副高及以上专业技术职称,并主持过国家级或省部级基础研究类计划项目(或课题)子课题(及以上);

    3. 申请人存在下列情况之一,可不受第2条规定限制,但须填写推荐证明并在内审截止日前发送科研处联络人(见附件)。




    1. Applicants should be under the age of 70 (no age requirements for the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering).

    2. Applicants should possess a senior professional title and have hosted basic and applied basic research projects or subtopics (or above) at the national or provincial/ministry level.

    3. If an applicant has one of the following circumstances, he/she can provide the recommendation letter for not meeting the no.2 requirement. Please send the letter to the RD contact before the internal deadline (please refer to the supplementary document).

    (1) Overseas talents employed by local institutions and have a doctoral degree.

    (2) Long-term employed (more than three years) foreign talents of HKUST(GZ).

    (3) Applicants who are applicable to the talent introduction policies of the HKUST(GZ) or the Hong Kong and Macao SAR governments.

    Submission 提交方式

    • Expert Registration 申请专家入库


    Applicants should submit applications through the online platform. Please refer to the supplementary document for the user guideline. Applicants who do not have accounts should send their name, email address, and mobile phone number to Alan Meng of the Research Department before 17:00 April 19, 2023, to register an account.

    • Information Maintenance 更新专家信息


    All registered experts should log in to the online platform to update their personal information. Please save the updated personal information or submit it to the Department of Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province by 17:00 April 21, 2023.


    孟熹 Alan Meng

    Research Department, HKUST(GZ)

    T: 020-8833 8992

    E: /

    林宝珊 Bella Lin

    Research Department, HKUST(GZ)

    T: 020-8833 8993

    E: /

    Supplementary Documents 相关附件