2024 Guangzhou Basic and Applied Basic Research Scheme 2024年度广州市基础与应用基础研究专题项目
  • Call for Proposal Announcement


  • Basic information

    • Sponsor:


      Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau (GZ-STB)

    • Project Funding:




      Project for Maiden Voyage: CNY 50,000

      Project for Endurance Voyage: CNY 100,000

      Project for Pilot Voyage: CNY 300,000

    • Project Duration:

      1. 启航项目、续航项目:2024年4月1日 – 2026年3月31日

      Project for Maiden Voyage and project for Endurance Voyage: 1 April 2024 – 31 March 2026

      2. 领航项目:2024年4月1日 – 2027年3月31日

      Project for Pilot Voyage: 1 April 2024 – 31 March 2027

    • Internal Deadline:


      17:00 3 June 2023

    • External Deadline:


      30 June 2023

    • System opens on:


      20 April 2023

    • System opens on:

      20 April 2023 00

    • Internal Deadline:

      2023-06-03 17:00:00

    • External Deadline:

      2023-06-30 23:59:59

  • Synopsis of the Scheme 项目简介


    This funding scheme supports researchers to carry out innovative scientific research in their research fields for the purpose of creating a loose academic environment and cultivates a group of high-quality basic research talents with a reasonable age structure for Guangzhou. As the reform pilot institution that simplifies administrative procedures and yields power in the whole process of project management, HKUST(GZ) is responsible for project review, selection, and recommendation. This year the scheme supports three types of projects: (1) Project for Maiden Voyage, (2) Project for Endurance Voyage, and (3) Project for Pilot Voyage.

    Institutional Quota 申报限额




    Project for the Maiden Voyage: 43 Projects

    Project for the Endurance Voyage: No limits

    Project for Pilot Voyage: 12 Projects

    For the Project for Maiden Voyage. The recommendation quota is calculated based on the proportion of NSFC 2022 projects approved for each Hub. In principle, Hubs should recommend projects to the Research Department as follows: 17 for FUNH, 13 for INFH, 8 for SYSH, and 2 for SOCH. And the university has 3 additional quotas for allocating.

    For the Project for Pilot Voyage, there is no recommendation limits for each Hub.

    Eligibility 申请资质


    1. 优先支持长聘制副教授、教授、讲座教授申报;

    2. 优先支持过去年两年内申报过国家自然科学基金“杰出青年科学基金”、“优秀青年科学基金”项目,科技部同层次科研人才项目但未获批立项的长聘制助理教授申报;

    3. 过去年两年内申报过教育部同层次人才项目但未获批立项的长聘制助理教授亦可申报。

    Besides the requirement from GZ-STB, applicants applying for the Project for Pilot Voyage should also meet the following requirements.

    1. The priority will be given to the applicants who are associate professors, professors, or chair professors at our university.

    2. The priority will be given to the assistant professors who have applied for the NSFC "Distinguish Youth" or "Excellent Youth" project or have applied for the same level talent project of the Ministry of Science and Technology in the past two years but have not been approved.

    3. Assistant professors who have applied for the same level talent project of the Ministry of Education within the past two years but have not been approved can apply as well.

    Proposal Submission 申报方式

    时间节点 Timeline工作安排 Action
    2023年6月2日17:00 By 17:00 June 2, 2023申报人登录内审系统提交项目信息,进行校内审批。 Applicants submit project information for internal approval through the RPIR System.
    2023年6月3日17:00 by 17:00 June 3, 20231.申报人在广州科技大脑系统登录并提交申报材料,未注册系统账号的申请人请直接在广州科技大脑系统自行注册账号。
    1. The applicant should log in and submit the application materials through the online system. Applicants who do not have accounts yet should register on the system directly.
    2. The applicant should fill in the feasibility report (please refer to the Supplementary Documents) and send it to the Hub in PDF format by email. No need to upload the report to the online system. The feasibility report is the essential material for project review.
    2023年6月9日17:00 By 17:00 June 9, 2023各枢纽完成项目审批,在项目内审系统中将项目提交至科研处经办人。 The Hubs approve and submit projects to the contact of the Research Department through the RPIR System.
    6月10日17:00 by 17:00, June 10, 20231.各枢纽已在系统上被设置为二级单位。枢纽审核项目资料后,提交至学校管理员审核。
    1. Hubs are set as the second-level unit for project review. The Hubs should review the proposals before being submitted to the HKUST(GZ) administrator.
    2. Hubs should collect the feasibility reports of all recommended projects and send them to the Research Department by email.
    3. Please note that the Project for Maiden Voyage has recommendation limits. Hubs should fill in the “Recommendation Form of The Project for Maiden Voyage” and send it to the Research Department. The form will be referred to as the finalized recommended project list for Project for Maiden Voyage.

    Notes 注意事项

    1. 本专题项目均不列参与成员。

    2. 申报人在申报项目前,尽早登录(注册)广州科技大脑填写完善个人信息。

    3. 申报人应合理安排项目申报书填报、网上审核推荐和材料提交时间,避免高峰期因网络繁忙耽误申报。

    4. 在广州科技大脑提交申报材料后应留意项目状态,项目申报受理、立项公开公示等信息可登录广州科技大脑查询。

    5. 项目申报人须认真仔细阅读申报指南各项要求,并按申报指南要求在广州科技大脑提交申报材料,线上提交截止后科研处将不接收补充提交申报材料。因材料缺失或不符合要求、错过申报时间节点等原因,导致未成功申报的责任由项目申报人自行承担。

    6. 涉及科研伦理和科技安全的项目,申请人需在项目申报前完成伦理审查。

    1. This Scheme does not allow other participating members than PI.

    2. Applicants should log in to the Guangzhou Science-Brain system as soon as possible and fill up their personal information before the application.

    3. Applicants should arrange the time appropriately for preparing the proposal, review and recommendation, and submission to avoid the delay of the submission due to the busy network.

    4. After submitting proposals, applicants can trace the project status on the Guangzhou Science-Brain system. The status will be updated as project applications are accepted, approved projects are announced publicly, etc.

    5. Applicants must read the requirements of the project guideline carefully and submit the proposals on the Guangzhou Science-Brain system properly. The Research Department will not accept supplementary materials after the submission deadline. The applicant should be responsible for failing the application due to missing or inadequate materials, overdue submission, etc.

    6. If the project involves research ethics and safety issues, applicants should complete the ethics review before the proposal submission.


    孟熹 Alan Meng

    Research Department, HKUST(GZ)

    T: 020-8833 8992

    E: /

    林宝珊 Bella Lin

    Research Department, HKUST(GZ)

    T: 020-8833 8993

    E: /

    Supplementary Documents 相关附件