[Call for Topics] 2023 Guangdong and Enterprises Joint Fund of Public Health and Medicine Area 2023年度公共卫生与医药健康领域省企联合基金项目指南建议征集通知
  • Call for Proposal Announcement


  • Basic information

    • Sponsor:

      Guangdong Basic and Applied Basic Research Foundation


    • Project Funding:

      Key Project: 500,000-1,000,000 RMB/project, General Project: 100,000-400,000 RMB/project, 重点项目:50-100万元/项, 面上项目:10-40万元/项

    • Internal Deadline:

      20 March 2023 2023年03月20日

    • External Deadline:

      17:30, 27 March 2023 2023年03月27日17:30

    • System opens on:

      09:00, 11 March 2023 2023年03月11日09:00

    • System opens on:

      11 March 2023 09

    • Internal Deadline:

      2023-03-20 23:59:59

    • External Deadline:

      2023-03-27 17:30:00

  • Synopsis of the Scheme 项目简介

    The Provincial and Enterprise Joint Fund for public health and medical health is jointly established by GD-DST, Guangdong Basic and Applied Basic Research Foundation, and industrial enterprises. This year, the topics are solicited on the following research areas:


    疾病发病机制及诊疗 Disease Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Treatment

    超声诊断 Ultrasound Diagnosis

    体外诊断 IVD (In Vitro Diagnosis)

    中药配方颗粒 Chinese Herbal Medicinal Granula

    生物材料与临床应用 Bio-materials and Clinical Application

    外科手术器械应用 Application of Surgical Instrument

    重症救治系统 Intensive Care System

    麻醉与围术期医学 Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine

    Eligibility 申请资质

    1. In principle, the proposer should have a master’s or doctoral degree and relevant research experience. 建议人原则上应具有硕士或博士学位,并具有相关研究经验。
    2. HKUST(GZ) is not qualified to propose clinical research topics. 我校不能作为临床研究项目指南的建议单位。
    3. One proposer can only submit one research topic. 每个人限提交一项指南建议。

    Submission 提交方式

    The proposer should fill in and submit proposed topics through the online platform (HERE) by the internal deadline.



    孟熹 Alan Meng

    Research Department, HKUST(GZ)

    T: 020-8833 8992  

    E: /

    林宝珊 Bella Lin

    Research Department, HKUST(GZ)

    T: 020-8833 8993

    E: /

    Supplementary Documents 相关附件