The 9th Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award of Higher Education Institutions (Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Call for Proposal Announcement


  • Basic information

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    • Research Areas:

      Please refer to the announcement in the supplement documents.

    • Internal Deadline:

      Call for Interest Deadline: 06 Jan 2023; Internal Deadline: 13 Jan 2023

    • External Deadline:

      03 Feb 2023

    • Internal Deadline:

      2023-01-13 23:59:59

    • External Deadline:

      2023-02-03 23:59:59

  • Synopsis of the Award

    This award is initiated by the Ministry of Education. It includes the Paper and Monograph Award, the Consulting Service Report Award, the Popular Readings Award, and the Youth Achievement award. The Popular Readings Award and the Youth Achievement Award are of no grade, while the other awards have first, second and third classes. This year about 1500 awards will be awarded.

    Institutional Quota

    ONE candidate.

    If more than one application is received, the most outstanding candidate will be nominated.


    1. The research outcome used for the award application should have been carried out during the period from January 1, 2018, to December 31, 2021.

    2. Research works (monographs, compilations, translations, reference books, ancient books collation, etc.), papers, advisory reports, and popular readings can be seen as eligible outcomes for the award.


    1. Applicants should express their interest in applying for this award by email to the Research Department (RD) by 06 Jan 2023.

    2. Applicants should fill in the form<第九届高等学校科学研究优秀成果奖(人文社会科学)申报评审表>. Please print and submit the form to the Research Department by the internal deadline.

    3. The most outstanding candidate will be submitted to the Department of Education of Guangdong (DE-GD). After the approval from DE-GD, RD will submit the application through the online system of the Ministry of Education.


    Applicants can download the application form and refer to the application Q&A in the Application System. But please be noted that applicants are not required to log in or submit the application on the system.


    孟熹 Alan Meng

    Research Department, HKUST(GZ)

    T: 020-8833 8992  

    E: /

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