2022 Guangdong Province Science and Technology Award
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  • Synopsis of the Award

    The Guangdong Province Science and Technology Award is awarded to individuals or institutions that have outstanding performance in science and technology research and innovation. It includes the following awards:

    1. 突出贡献奖 Outstanding Contribution Award
    2. 自然科学奖 Natural Science Award
    3. 技术发明奖 Technological Invention Award
    4. 科技进步奖 Award for Improvement in Science and Technology
    5. 科技合作奖 Science and Technology Cooperation Award
    6. 青年科技创新奖 Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award
    7. 科技成果推广奖 Scientific and Technological Achievements Promotion Award


    For detailed eligibility requirements, please refer to the announcement.

    Application and Nomination

    Applicants shall apply via the online application system(广东省科技业务管理阳光政务平台).

    Applicants can contact Alan Meng to create an account for the application system.

    Institutional Quota





    孟熹 Alan Meng

    Research Department, HKUST(GZ)

    T: 020-8833 8992   

    E: /

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